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Having quicker research cycles means to always be one step ahead of your competition. To enable fast product development you need prototypes developed within a short period of time, so that your product can be tested and to enable iterative development processes. For that kind of research and development, our 3D print service is an ideal solution.

Design studies and proof of concept

Only by holding the prdocut in your hands you are able to define if the development is going as planned. Important criteria such as usability and handling cannot be examined by simulation, but by using a prototype.

With our 3D printers we are able to print full colored prototypes in a very short time with high cost efficiency.

RemoteControl Prototype 


 Verpackung ProofOfConcept

Packaging and pre-production

Packaging production is an expensive business since you need to develop and create an injection mold or other equipment/tools. If an design flaw is recognized later on in the process, it can be very expensive to correct those mistakes on existing molds. A lot of complications and mistakes can be avoided using 3D printed prototypes.

With the help of pre production prototypes you are able to verify your designs and make adjustments in the early stages of development.



Model making and restoration

With our 3D printers, detailed parts can be made for model making, so that replicating original parts is much easier. Another advantage is the cheap reproduction of such parts, eliminating other expensive production methods.

The plastics are easy to post manipulate and enambles adding further details.


Modell Basis