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If you have parts, models or other object that need to be digitalized precisely, we're your competent partner.

With our 3D scanners we are able to register the parts digitally, of which there are no CAD plans available.

3D digitalization with high precision

We digitalize your components and models and adapt the data so that the files can be used to reproduce them by using 3D printers.

A lot of money and time can be saved using 3D scanners compared to tediously measuring the components by hand and then putting the data back in CAD.

Using 3D scans we create a clean and precise recreation of your component and export it as an STL file, which can be further processed by any common STL Software.






Reverse engineering

Sometimes no CAD files exist for a specific component. But still parametric data is needed to make further changes.

We take care of the digitalization and reparametrization of complex parts so that you are able to save money and time and are able to continue your project.

From the 3D scanning data, we generate a STEP file so that you can make your own changes to the part using your CAD software. If requested, we provide the changes needed for you and deliver the final file.




An important aspect of quality control is the verification of components. We are happy to provide this service for you by checking them and if they meet the requirements.

With our 3D scanner we are able to scan the surface of the component precisely and verify several measurments. From the global surface deviation with a color scheme to drill hole edge distances.

For every verified part we generate a protocol which indicates all measurements and their deviation.